Top 5 Tips to Consider When Writing Children's Fiction
Most people think that writing a children’s book is way easier compared to adult literature. This is actually not true. As a matter of fact, writing about fentanyl side effects may be easier than writing a readable children’s book.
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A Deeper Look into Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey first published The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People way back in 1989.
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A Look Into Fentanyl Overdose and Its Symptoms
When there is severe pain, one of the remedies given by medical practitioners are opioids, which include fentanyl.
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Meet these 3 sisters who are all set to have your back with their bags!
2019 comes on the heels of unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. People around the world are mobilizing for a future that is more equal. Today, we bring forth
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How to keep your paycheck while you check into rehab (medical leaves for addiction treatment in the US)
Sharon Torres explains the FMLA and ADA in the context of US employees who wish to retain their employment while attending rehab care.
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Are you in the right workplace? Presenting the great Indian professionalism paradox
We are discussing (almost) everything that is wrong with Indian organizations, including sexual harassment, lack of differential identity and more.
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Uber's 2019 IPO preparations begin with a new logo and a new CMO
Uber prepares for a 2019 IPO with its first CMO Rebecca Messina, and a brand new logo - Published on The Times Blog
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Apple launches iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max; introduces splash resistant screens
Apple Inc announced the addition of iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at a recent developers conference at the computing giant's headquarters in Cupertino.
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Get, Set, MICAT!
MICA Ahmedabad invites applications for  PDGM-C 2019-21 Batch
MICA Ahmedabad
MICA Ahmedabad, the school of ideas, is ready to welcome its 2019-21 PGDM-C batch via MICAT 2019 - Published on The Times Blog
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The Iron Throne, Made In India - Will Indian GOT Fans travel to Srinagar for a taste of Winterfell?
Game Of Thrones
Winterfell Cafe in Srinagar (Kashmir) sports a true replica of the famed Iron Throne from the Game Of Thrones Fandom - Published on The Times Blog
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This is how online shopping is going to save the world!
Sumara Extension
Sumara is a Google chrome extension that automatically makes donations on your behalf, every time you shop on Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
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Prepared to raise our next round of funds, says luxury car startup Hype's CEO Raghav Belavadi
Hype (luxury car rental service) CEO Raghav Belavadi opens about his plans of expansion and raising the next round of funds for his company.
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5 reasons why an original Vincent Chase™ is better than a Ray Ban replica
Vincent Chase Sunglasses
Learn why Vincent Chase Sunglasses are better than the street-smart Ray Ban replicas that you are used to buying in India - Published on The Times Blog.
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With Modo Caldo, dungarees are the new tuxedos!
Modo Caldo
In 2016, the Delhi based designer Jigyasa Jolly launched Modo Caldo, an apparel brand that offers high-end contemporary designs for women who need semi-formal clothing that stands out.
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Catching bad guys behind the desk - Meet the lady who knows more about criminal psychology than Wikipedia.
Anuja Kapur
Anuja Kapur is a full-time criminal psychologist, counselor and social activist, whose role was significant during the Asifa rape case earlier this year.
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Namaste! says #GuruCool Sarvesh Shashi of Zorba Yoga
Zorba Yoga
Sarvesh Shashi launched Zorba in December 2013, with a rather ambitious goal to boot - building a happy world.
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Validate assumptions and never compromise on values, says investor & Cube Wealth founder Satyen Kothari
Cube Wealth
Satyen Kothari founded Citrus Payments, leading overall strategy, product, UX and marketing, to drive the platform to a $2.5 billion payment processing leader within 4 years, and paved the way for a successful exit.
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Redefining The Classroom - From "Educating" To Being "Educated"
Macmillan India
Traditionally the term ‘education’ has implied knowledge acquisition. An ‘educated person’ was expected to espouse information pertaining to the sciences, arts and philosophies. Little was dwelt upon the skills and values for global citizenship and humane coexistence.
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This Season's Strongest Indie Statement Is "A Long Night, Full Of Nightmares" #SweetDreams
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams by Tan Daze is a one-of-its-kind thriller music video, that aims to throw light on issues plaguing the current Indian social order, such as child prostitution.
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How Sunil Hiranandani & Sirf Coffee have upped the blind date game
Sirf Coffee
Sunil Hiranandani is the founder of 'Sirf Coffee', an exclusive, discreet and pressure-free dating service for Indians around the world.
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Meet The Bridge - Nihaal Mariwala Is Not The Entrepreneur India Wants, But The One It Needs.
Nihaal Mariwala is the young & dynamic founder of - a homegrown brand that remains committed to the cause of promoting healthy, organic foods.
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"Yanni Pushed Me To Think Like A Composer", Says Tanushree Saha
Sweet Dreams
Tanushree Saha is an acclaimed vocalist, a theatre performer, an independent composer, a stellar designer-strategist, and an ultra-popular musician & performing artist based out of Bangalore, India.
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A Hotel Helpdesk At Your Fingertips - XOXODay is Changing The Way Travelers Stay
XOXODay, the Mahindra-backed leader in personalized travel-tech, has come up with the ultimate solution to hotel bookings: A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Digitized Travel Desk for travelers.
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Wonder.Legal Selects India As The Next Big Market, CEO Announces India Operations Personally
Jeremie Eskenazi, Founder & CEO, said, “As a country, India has a lot of potential in terms of the legal domain. I believe that we’ve got a platform that can seamlessly fit into the Indian legal ecosystem.”
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Tinder Leadership Mocks Facebook's Dating App Announcement, Says "It Could Be Great For US-Russia Relations"
Facebook is all set to launch a dating app in direct competition with Tinder, the largest market player in the segment. Facebook will soon offer a Tinder-ish Swipe right/swipe left mechanism to browse profiles and say 'Yes/No' as an anonymous response, based on profile photographs and first names.
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Coca Cola levels up the "No Sugar" game, introduces "Thums Up Charged - No Sugar"
Coca Cola
Coca-Cola India, one of the country’s leading beverage companies, today announced the launch of Thums Up Charged No Sugar, the company’s first home-grown beverage to be offered in a no sugar variant with the same strong taste and extra thunder.
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SRK Goes On Stage With A Car & A Mission! Hyundai Launches ‘Swachh Can’ Supporting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
Mr. Shah Rukh Khan said, “I admire Hyundai for their socially relevant campaigns that are so pertinent to every individual."
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Tata Launches A Brand New Contest To Identify Innovators; Announces The Social Alpha Energy Challenge
Tata Trusts Launches the First Nationwide Hunt for Innovators and Entrepreneurs, Invites Entries for Social Alpha Energy Challenge.
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Yes, Bitcoin Is Legal. Yes, #Zebpay Is Growing. Yes, You Should Invest.
The Indian Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform Zebpay recently struck 1 million downloads of its app-only service on Android, and now forecasts half a million new users a month, up from its current rate of 200,000.
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Congratulations, Donald Trump - On Being Named The World's Number One Oppressor Of Press Freedom!
Donald Trump
A journalism group named the president among repressive leaders who "have gone out of their way to attack the press" and undermine free speech.
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Udita Pal Is TheTimesBlog® Blogger Of The Year!
Blogger Of The Year
We are proud to hand over the mantle to the young and dynamic Udita Pal, as TheTimesBlog® Blogger Of The Year!
2 min read Gears Up For 7th End Of Reason Sale, Expects 60% Sales From Tier - II/III Cities
Myntra will soon kick start the 7th edition of the nation's most awaited fashion sale event, Myntra's End of Reason Sale (EORS).
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Subway Celebrates World Sandwich Day, Donates ₹1.5 Million For Impoverished Kids In India
Remember Subway? The snack that purportedly reduces weight while placing you on a lip-smacking diet of exotic breads and global flavors? They've got a new fanbase, and its kids. Poor kids? Happy Kids!
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Coca-Cola India Launches ‘SMS Mission Recycling’ to Sensitize School Children on Waste Management
Coca Cola
The project seeks to contribute towards the government’s cleanliness mission and will focus on proper collection and segregation of waste including Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).
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Coca-Cola launches ‘Maaza Gold’ in India
Coca Cola
Coca-Cola India, one of the country’s leading beverage companies, today announced the launch of ‘Maaza Gold’, a premium mango drink made from the choicest of mangoes.
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G-SHOCK Chronicles 35 Years Of Innovation
G-Shock Watch
Today, Casio G-SHOCK pauses to look back on the technological advancements in toughness the brand has pioneered and evolved over the years following the reveal of the first-ever sapphire crystal G-SHOCK watch prototype at the brand's historic 35th anniversary kick-off celebration last month.
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Kick Axe Debuts With A Grand Opening In Brooklyn
Kick Axe, a 7,000-square-foot axe-throwing venue that's the first in New York City and New York state, has opened to the public, complete with beer, wine, and malt beverages in a lodge-like atmosphere that includes a lumberjack-themed photo area. Kick Axe is in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.
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Indian Art Ideas chooses Ramchandra Kharatmal as #ArtistOfTheMonth
The website "Indian Art Ideas" is a celebrated online art gallery which works towards bridging the gap between art enthusiasts and artists.
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Coca-Cola NDTV "Support My School" Programme Makes Way For "The Power Of Partnerships"
Coca Cola
A 2017 survey called the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), shows that more than half of the students in fifth grade are unable to read a second grade text book. This problem can be traced back to the alarmingly low number of children attending school in rural areas.
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The new and emerging face of fashion design- Samruddhi Maheshwari!
Our thursday spotlight is all on an emerging and extremely talented designer, Samruddhi Maheshwari! Samruddhi has a fashion label that caters to bespoke designing and clothing and she specializes in crafting the outfit
The Dangers of Fentanyl Overdose: What You Should Look For
Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid drug, approved by the Food and Drug Administration and legally manufactured and distributed in America. This drug was first developed back in 1959 and was introduced in the market the following year.
Is Work Driving you to Drink?
Just as it has been in recent years, the level of job anxiety is on the rise as a lot of people are working tirelessly in two to three jobs to make ends meet. Even many workers who have a single job are working double time.
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Continue to Overlook Their Ugly Twin: Addiction
When’s Cobra equated Bitcoin BCH and BSV with heroin and fentanyl use, he (maybe unwittingly) touched on the dark side of cryptocurrency: addiction. In February 2019, Cobra posted a tweet where he likened Bitcoin Cash to using heroin, where prolonged use will trigger dependence.
The Top Jobs for People with Visual Impairments
Human Science
There are more than seven million adults and children in the United States with some form of visual impairment, according to the National Federation of the Blind.
Nipsey Hussle’s Death Shines Light on Hip-Hop’s Drug and Violence Culture
Nipsey Hussle's life was a feel-good success story: a former gang member who became an acclaimed rapper—releasing acclaimed mixtapes for a decade before his Grammy-nominated first studio album—and philanthropist.
Fentanyl Overdoses and the Opioid Crisis
Human Science
The Opioid Crisis is one of the biggest issues to capture the attention of Americans in recent times. It is estimated that opioids cause 130 deaths daily due to overdoses.
Social Change-Makers: Learn How This Blogger Is Ushering In A New Era Of Postmodern Millennialism On The Internet
Mahevash Shaikh belongs to a rare breed of millennials who have taken their role in the postmodern world of the internet, very, very, seriously. While there is no doubt that she is operating ahead of her time, we are here to discuss her efforts and applaud her spirit.
Twin Cities: Number One in Light Pollution and Being the Worst Migratory Birds Region
More people are dying every year due to drug overdoses, especially highly addictive and deadly opioids such as fentanyl because they can't get the anti-overdose drug naloxone (Narcan) in time. Birds, however, have
Managing Pain without Opioids
The CDC estimates that 8% of adults in the US had high-impact chronic pain in 2016. Chronic pain is defined as recurring pain that is experienced most days for six months or more.
Tips for Traveling with Pain Medication Overseas
Chronic pain is one of the leading reasons people seek medical care, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The report also indicates that up to 40