She calls herself 'The Idiot On The Internet'. And she's about to hit 8 million answer views on Quora. Meet Udita Pal.

Who Dis?


Udita Pal is an alumnus of the University of Jharkhand, graduating with honors in Mass Communications this year.

Fresh Face?


Yeah, yeah. You'd think she's a media freshman, but hold on till you get a hang of this.

Udita Did What, Now?


Udita Pal has been actively contributing to multiple popular consumer-facing blogs since her late teens. She has put in the time that it takes to create an organic brand for herself, which is exemplary in today's day and age of transactional digital strategies.

Most of all, she has carved a niche for herself, which now resonates and sustains her reputation as the witty girl-next-door blogger who can champion a couple of brands while she's on a coffee break.

TheTimesBlog® Blogger Of The Year


We are proud to hand over the mantle to the young and dynamic Udita Pal, as TheTimesBlog® Blogger Of The Year! Each year, these awards aim to recognize and honor stellar talent in creative communications on the internet, evaluated in terms of innovation on social media, prolific blogging, media-friendliness and a general digital 'footprint'.

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