According to recent reports, Bahrain has unveiled plans to stage the first ever Baby Olympics in April, where Olympic contestants will be just 2 to 4 year old babies! This comes as a gentle relief in times of grave despair (Did you read our new story on Donald Trump yet?)

Anyway. The Olympics. For BABIES.

It goes something like this.

Photo by Lydia Winters / Unsplash

Categories Of Sports At The Baby Olympics

The Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) intends to include five disciplines. The Athletics competition will host three events:

  • A medley relay for four year-olds
  • A hurdles toddle for three year-olds
  • A specially designed stretch of 15 meters in a freestyle race, for two year-old babies

Other Olympic events will include a freestyle gymnastic moves contest, a free-kick competition in football, a basketball free-throws contest and a weightlifting show.

Oh And There's A Video!

Duh. Of Course There's A Video.

Last year, the official YouTube channel of the Olympic Committee released a parody video of what an Olympic Championship for babies could look like. Take a look!

The Baby Olympics

The committee maintains that the primary purpose of hosting these baby games, is to popularize sport in the kingdom while introducing basic Olympic values to prospective Olympic athletes.