A prisoner who was declared dead three times just 'woke up' before his postmortem.

Photo by Finn Gross Maurer / Unsplash

In a bizarre prison story, Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez, (a 29-year-old inmate in Spain’s Astura region) was heard snoring from inside his body bag. He was already declared dead by three experienced doctors, who had sent his body to the mortuary. According to a local newspaper called La Voz de Asturias, his body was already 'ready to be opened up’ for a post-mortem analysis, when people heard him snoring in the bag.



Doctors now believe that Montoya may have been suffering from a condition called Catalepsy, which slows down a person’s vital signs to almost imperceptible levels. Gonzalo Montoya is now in observation under intensive care at a hospital in Oviedo.