This Just In - Rapoo has introduced the new VPRO VH150 Backlit Gaming Headset to the Indian market. Gamers, rejoice!

The Lowdown

Mumbai, February 12, 2018: Rapoo is a known global player for wireless products and accessories, with its range of wireless keyboards and mice popular among a more millennial demographic. They recently launched a Gamers-only brand called VPRO in India, specializing in affordable gaming equipment.

The VH150 Edge

The Rapoo VPRO VH150 Backlit Gaming Headset sports a Cool Blue LED Backlight to appeal to stylish gamers. It also provides professional adjustable sound modes for a superior gaming audio experience. The microphone is designed to be easily detachable from the main headset to offer flexibility during gaming and comes with a mute switch as well.


The VH150 is backed by robust manufacturing, and is built using a combination of ultra-durable alloys and plastics, making it ideal for long hours of gameplay. It is equally ergonomic as seen in Rapoo's standard line of equipment. Armed with a noise-isolating over-ear design with soft and comfortable earcups, it has allt he rgular spoils for portable in-game controls, such as volume controls and the LED switches integrated into the headset wire.

“The Rapoo VPRO VH150 combines the essence of technology and ergonomics for gaming. Our VPRO range of gaming products are specially designed for gamers and eSports players who desire to enjoy gaming products at affordable prices.” - Mukesh Chaudhary, Country Head, India, SAARC & ME, Rapoo Technology