Koramangala, Bengaluru, March 15, 2018: A group of veteran musicians operational in the Bengaluru rock music circuit have come together to form a new "Pop-Rock Experience" called Smash.One!

Their official band website, located at www.smash.one screams of the kind of rock-led apathy that seems to be a cult practice at the country's uncontested rock capital.

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Spearheaded by maverick lead guitarist Eric Rodrigues, vocalist Shomprakash Sinha Roy, coveted Bass guitarist Shreekant Road and bringing together stellar musical talent and composers from multiple rock groups in Bangalore, such as Twisted, Echoelake, The Pedestrians, Ledge13, Indiepenance, Solitone and more - the new project aims to do one thing, and in the band's own words, they want to do it right.

Their slogan?

Beer mugs are meant to be broken!

The Members

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor / Unsplash

Brought together by their common love for all things rock, the group consists of a brilliant mix of musicians, each an established artist in their own right.

Lead Guitar: Eric Vivian Rodrigues


Having previously held the mantle for some of Bangalore's hottest and sweatiest bands such as Twisted, Ledge13 and Indiepenance, Eric is an accomplished lead and bass guitarist. His playing styles combine influences from grunge-rock, thrash and pop-rock cultures of the days of yore, including a deep affinity towards the music of erstwhile rock band Guns & Roses.

Bass Guitar: Shreekant Road


Shreekant, affectionately called 'Road' by his closest aides, is a graduate of the Nathaniel School of Music. He has served as the backbone of some of Bangalore's most prominent funk and rock groups such as The Pedestrians and Echoelake during Bangalore's formative rock days.

A video featuring him was recently produced by The Kadence Experience. Called Chasing lies, the track features an ensemble cast of musicians from The Pedestrians and Echoelake.

Chasing Lies: The Kadence Experience

Drums: Hemant Panchabhai


Hemant is an accomplished drummer, and like most of his peers in the skin-thrashing game, loves complex beat design. He has previously smashed metal and skin for the Bangalore-based rock group 'Solitone'. He joins Smash.one as a drummer.

Sound Design: Soumen Ghoshal


Soumen Ghoshal, a self-confessed 'devoted' Ernst & Young employee, usually spends time nurturing his uniquely imagined, self-composed music. He is the brains behind legends such as Nisevitaa Manogataa. He has taken up the role of Smash.one's sound design specialist, in-house keyboard player and (off the record) the guy who always gets the aux cable!

Vocals: Shomprakash Sinha Roy


A tech-marketer by profession and moonlighting as an author of fiction, Shom has been a part of rock groups such as Lords of the fifth and The Pedestrians. He and Eric have been instrumental in bringing the new group together. Shom serves as the Vocalist for the new band, and takes care of the band's digital presence.

Shom's interests include funk-rock, pop-rock and grunge music. He lists Kurt Cobain as one of his biggest influences in music.

Baul Song: Shoja Rasta Nai feat. Shomprakash Sinha Roy

Future Plans

A Times Blog source reports that the band has developed a composition schedule, and will soon begin appearances at popular Bangalore-based music and beer hubs in Koramangala, Indiranagar and the likes. Stay tuned at their band's homepage at www.smash.one to stay updated on the band's upcoming gigs!

You can also follow them on Facebook, at www.facebook.com/SmashOneBand