New Delhi, March 26, 2018: Macmillan Education, a pioneer in supplementary academia for Indian students, has recently unveiled an entirely new collection of workbooks as companions to the prescribed collateral by NCERT.

Every member of the Indian primary, secondary and senior-secondary academic ecosystem is familiar with the National Council of Educational Research and Training, the governing body that formulates a viable curriculum for various disciplines under practice in the Indian schooling system. NCERT textbooks are considered gospel as far as scoring high on the matriculation format is concerned, whether at an intra-school level or on national platforms. However, the simplicity of these textbooks is often accompanied by a sincere lack in supplementary practice material, in the form of usable questionnaires, and concise-yet-comprehensive summaries to amplify the efforts of fast learners.

Macmillan Education brings some relief to such students in the form of a whole new NCERT Workbook Series, aimed at students in grades 1 to 8 (Classes 1 to 8).

The NCERT Workbook Series - A Lowdown

Long book-filled shelves in a library
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Indian students have been famous for their sense of competitiveness when it comes to academic supplements, and are almost always on the lookout for additional study material that will enable them in scoring better.

A large segment of this competitive attention is reserved for Mathematics and Science curricula. To serve this market segment, Macmillan Education has recently launched an NCERT Workbook Series, comprising the following titles:

1. Science More (Science for Classes 6 to 8)

2. Practice More (Mathematics for Classes 1 to 8)


3. Explore More (Environmental Studies for Classes 3 to 5).

All of these workbooks include practice worksheets that are tagged to NCERT textbooks, making them ideal companions for the same.


Every workbook is equipped with a 'Teacher's Book' that includes answer keys and test papers for half yearly and annual examinations.

When asked to comment on the primary intent of these workbooks, Macmillan explains that they aim to provide that much-needed additional practice of every concept that gets introduced within NCERT textbooks. As a strong stakeholder in the Indian education system and a proactive partner in education, Macmillan Education has always led the initiative to match the needs of postmodern learners with appropriate learning gear, and to arm proactive educators with key pedagogical inputs.

The NCERT Workbook Series by Macmillan India - A Glimpse


Macmillan's new NCERT Workbook series seems to stem out of that same commitment to provide qualitative learning resources to students, in turn pushing them towards holistic success in both scholastic and co-scholastic endeavors.