Vijaywada, May 3, 2018: Local boy Bhogi Suraj Krishna has emerged as the JEE 2018 Mains Topper. The coaching validation firm StandYou has stepped in and confirmed [1] that BSK received his training at Narayana Academy.

Standyou is a leading Indian online data-driven research tool, built on top of more than 75 Data points - in addition to being a marketplace for coaching institutes. The portal's primary objective is to help students in identifying appropriate career options and the relvant training centers where they can seek mentorship.

The team at StandYou confirmed, with inputs from Dr. P. Sindhura Narayana and P. Sharani Narayana of the academy, that Bhogi Suraj Krishna was indeed a regular at their coaching facility.

"No" to TV and "Yes" to Books?

Earlier this week, in an interview with The Times of India [2], Bhogi mentioned that he did not follow any preset pattern to prepare for the mammoth examination. However, he was candid enough to confess that he gave up his love for cricket, in order to keep himself focused on the examination.

The frame of a broken old vintage television set on top of a table in the salton sea.
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“I am now hopeful of securing a seat in computer science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. When I joined intermediate, I stopped playing cricket and decided to dedicate my entire time to this and securing a seat in the IITs.” - Bhogi Suraj Krishna

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In this interview, Bhogi mentioned that he spent close to nine hours on an average. Suraj's father (Hari Krishna) runs a small shop in Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh, and his mother is a housewife.

Remarks from the industry

Mr. Priyank Shrivastava (CEO, StandYou) was quoted saying that "Proven teaching methodologies and the right guidance from adequately staffed and directionally lucid coaching institutes can help students in gaining the right kind of competitive advantage in exams such as the JEE Mains and Advanced.

A senior editor at The Times Blog Groupremarked that it was almost extraordinary that a boy who has become the object of immense media speculation and adulation over the last few weeks, virtually has 'zero social media presence'.

Prominent Rank Holders From Narayana Academy Classroom Training Programs (Confirmed by StandYou)

  • Bhogi Suraj Krishna AIR 1 (H.T.N: 11720999)
  • KVR Hemanth Kumar AIR 2 (H.T.No: 11817558)
  • Gattu Mytraya AIR 5 (H.T.No: 31051194)
  • G Vinayaka Srivarshan AIR 10 (H.T.No: 31055291)

Extra Info: How much did Bhogi Suraj Krishna score?

Bhogi scored 350 Marks out of 360. A total of 36 ranks within the top 100 rankholders in the Open category hail from Narayana Academy.

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