New Delhi, May 07, 2018: Wonder.Legal is a Eurpoean legal-tech startup that first commenced its operations in 2014 and expanded on the global map at unprecedented speeds, owing to its easy, on-the-go legal documentation interface. As of 2018, the organization serves people in 13 countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, the UK and the US.

Their Founder & CEO (Jeremie Eskenazi) was evidently excited about the firm's move in entering India as the next market - which brings the south-Asian democracy in the same league as an array of nations equipped to create, handle and distribute legal paperwork via an online interface. Indians will now be able to utilize this service, at a fraction of the cost that most Indian law firms charge presently.

Jeremie announced the launch personally, saying:

“India is a very important market for us and we are pleased to expand our operations here. As a country, India has a lot of potential in terms of the legal domain. I believe that we’ve got a platform that can seamlessly fit into the Indian legal ecosystem.”

How much will's services cost in India?

Photo by Hunters Race / Unsplash's service tariff will range from Rs 99 to Rs 999, covering a range of 30 made-for-India templates, such as Loan Agreements, Lease Agreements, Website T&C formats, Privacy Policies, Personal Legal Documentation (Marriage/Divorce Paperwork, Name Change Affidavits, etc), Legal Affidavits and more.

The price range offers significant relief to the last mile Indian consumer, who has grown accustomed to an interface otherwise designed to intimidate people away from legal proceedings due to the sheer hassle and financial burden associated with filing the right paperwork. In this scenario, Wonder.Legal's India entry is truly a welcome move.

Considering that Wonder.Legal's services are proportionately popular among individuals and businesses, (currently their users are nearly 50% individuals, and 50% registered organizations), the price setup is also a perfect fit for the Indian consumer-brand ecosystem.

What's Next For Wonder.Legal After India?

Two businesspeople talking at a table over a laptop with line charts
Photo by rawpixel / Unsplash

The Wonder.Legal team seems to have its eyes set on global market leadership in the digitized legal paperwork ecosystem. After India, the team plans to expand to Chile, Ukraine, Sweden and Thailand.

With 4,00,000 active users, Wonder.Legal is already en-route to becoming the global leader in this domain. Their product has shown a growth rate of 24% month-on-month, nothing short of exemplary when it comes to niche financially-linked online services. India, hopefully, will continue this expansion at a faster rate and pave the way towards a complete win-win for both customers, and the company.