Bangalore, May 07, 2018: XOXODay, the Mahindra-backed leader in personalized travel-tech, has come up with the ultimate solution[1] to hotel bookings: A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Digitized Travel Desk for travelers.


Since the advent of MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip,, StayZilla and OYO among countless others, traveling to exotic destinations and finding the right place to stay within pre-decided budgets, is no longer a pain point for travelers. However, once someone reaches a hotel - the agony of producing documents, furnishing "App Booking Screens", etc is nearly omnipresent in the domestic travel scenario. Also, once users have checked in, booking tertiary services such as cabs, making further travel plans, etc often leads to huge inconvenience. Many "Hotel Helpdesks" also charge customers for such services, and are reliant on hefty vendor commissions to facilitate the same. The traveler ends up losing his/her peace of mind, and planned budgets go for a toss.

The XOXODay Solution

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Thanks to XOXODay's Digitized Travel Desk (presently accessible as a microsite on the portals of all partner hotels to the program), travelers can say goodbye to their planning woes.


Inclusions within the XOXODay Digitized Travel Desk Interface:

  • Details of tourist spots & Nearby "Experiences"
  • Requirement-specific Vendor details (such as Cabs, Tour guides, Tour Packages, etc)
  • Details & Access to Complimentary Offers
  • Travel Itinerary Solutions

Present Hotel Partners

Treebo Hotels India, a leading chain of domestic and international travel getaways, has partnered with XOXODay to offer their version of the Digitized Travel Helpdesk on the Treebo Hotels Website for a seamless experience to its customers. You can learn more about this product on the XOXODay website.

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