My name is Kunal Koushal, and I'm a fitness instructor at Snap Fitness, Koramangala. This is an incredible story of transformative dedication that stood out at our venue, so I thought of sharing it.


Tapas Agarwal weighed 108 kgs when he joined us at Snap Fitness Koramangala.

He constantly complained of lethargy, and an increasingly depressed attitude about life. He presented symptoms such as breathlessness, reduced stamina and his body had a tendency of retaining a lot of water weight.

Another feature that stood out in Tapas, is that no matter how hard he tried to starve, his body wouldn't stop retaining weight. The challenge for his trainer (Shashi Dharan), was to help him get into the right workout regimen, inclusive of both cardiovascular exercise routines and weight training.

Image Courtesy: Snap Fitness India

Training under Shashi, Tapas undertook a combination of intensive functional training, core conditioning and resistance training. He worked out for an average duration of one hour every day.

Dietary Restrictions

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Tapas was advised to eat clean - a crucial component of transformative workout regimens. Tapas's diet consisted of whole wheat grains, and since he came from a vegetarian family, he was advised to eat vegetarian proteins such as soya bean, natural whey and skimmed milk.

Over a period of 9 months, Tapas lost over 40 kgs and sustained muscle mass.

In Tapas's own words, the transformation was nothing short of miraculous. He dedicates much of his success to the personal training he received at Snap Fitness India, under the expert guidance of Shashi Dharan.

"I trained under Shashi Dharan at Snap Fitness . He gave me the right kind of guidance for both exercise and diet . He took my condition into consideration and gradually increased the intensity of my workout. During the whole journey, he pushed my limits and kept me motivated. There was a time when I couldn't even run for five minutes at a stretch. I had difficulty walking up the stairs on my first day. After four months of training under Shashi, I found myself running at an enhanced pace, to the tune of 12 kilometres, twice a week."

He (Shashi) was very careful in ensuring that I was exercising in proper form, avoiding any injury in the process. - Tapas Agarwal