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Update: Official Statement from Inc42 Founders to The Times Blog team

The Inc42 team has contacted our editorial board, and this is an update based on the same:

“On 14th June'18, Inc42 Media's website,, was down for a few hours due to technical difficulties. The PHP service was not working properly to service user requests which prompted a complete migration of to a new hosting provider. The website was down during the process of migration and is up and running since the evening of 14th Jun'18. We would like to apologise to our readers for any inconvenience.”

Update as of 05:30 PM: seems to be restored to a near-original state, and an analysis on confirms so far that WordPress is still in use.

Update as of 04:53 PM: WordPress Basic Theme loaded, zero content on

Update as of 04:45 PM: Cloudfare Backup Mirror version of shows up with top-bar notification.

New update at 03:25 PM: The website seems to be intermittently functional, after having been restored.

New update at 03:20 PM: The website is back on, and functional. Way to go, team Inc42!

This is a tech update. India's leading online content portal for startups -, which the popular tech analyzer Wappalyzer has confirmed uses WordPress CMS, was down for more than three hours. The founders were notified via Twitter with an anonymous handle @TrendsGod, with no response.

Tweet notification to Magazine & story scoop:

The website first started loading a 502 "Bad gateway" error during the wee hours of Thursday. (Screenshot below)


Our team performed a thorough study of all affected downtime areas, and found out that the website was down globally.


A quick snapshot on Wappalyzer revealed all the technologies being used on the website. Under general working conditions, the technology behind branded content portals gets masked. But here, it was revealed to be WordPress CMS (Screenshot below)


About Inc42

Before the website went down, this is what their 'About Us' section had to say:

Inc42 is a leading Indian media and information platform, known for its end-to-end coverage of the Indian startup ecosystem. We work with the mission to empower, connect & grow the Indian Startup Ecosystem by providing a deep understanding of the startup economy through data-backed news and analysis.

Inc42 is the authoritative voice of the Indian Startup Ecosystem and it has brought to light the amazing stories of thousands of startups, entrepreneurs, technological innovations, businesses and many other constituents of the startup ecosystem.

It is concerning, that a website serving thousands of Indian startups was on downtime for such a long time.


Update as of 03:35 PM IST - 502 Gateway persists

The homepage did start loading up a few times, including Google's AMP cached versions of some articles, but on a closer look, it seems like the website is down again!


Update as of 04:45 PM IST - Cloudfare Backup Mirror shows up with notification

In addition to some AMP-cached pages on mobile devices, the portal seems to be reliant on CloudFare-powered CDN backups at the moment. The same is now visible on the home page (with a top-of-page alert describing the downtime situation).


Update as of 04:53 PM IST - Cloudfare mirror down, WordPress basic theme loaded on to

This is historic. has reverted to a basic WordPress theme with ZERO content! Stay tuned as we receive more updates on the situation.

Homepage screenshot:


On first scroll:


Update as of 05:30 PM IST - The website seems to be restored to a near-original state, and an analysis on confirms so far that the CMS in use is still WordPress.

Homepage screenshot:


IsItWP screen:


That outage and retrieval process was exciting, and the journey back to normalcy seems like something that should go on their CTO's resume! We close this thread here, and hope that things sail smooth for the Inc42 team here on.