New Delhi, are you ready to party?

Apart from that one rhetorical question, all we've got for you partymongers is some great news! The team at The Times Blog is pleased to announce our media partnership for a one-of-its-kind blacklight party at G-Bar (The Grand, New Delhi) this saturday (July 14th).



Here's all you need to know.

  • The party starts at 10 PM (2200 Hours). Be late!
  • RSVP at +91-9911546332 in advance, and get on the guestlist!
  • DOT, Boylla, KPLR and SarudRaa will take the stage!

Consider this your invitation! And if you want to ask your friends out to the event, just share this article! Your timer starts now, and ends, well, at 10 PM, Saturday. Or not. Up to you!