The Anti-Pollution Drive Foundation (APDF) is a not-for-profit organization focused on the conservation of the environment, to improve public health and facilitate sustainable living. APDF is a registered public trust under the Indian Trusts Act of 1882.

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The Anti-Pollution Drive Foundation was founded on October 02, 2014. It started as a conversation among a group of friends and like-minded people who felt deeply about the issue of pollution and its effects on public health. Initially, we were called 'Action, not words', and we changed our name later to focus specifically on pollution. We're proud to say that the Anti Pollution Drive, also known as APD Foundation or APDF, is now a registered member organization.

  • Our vision is a clean and healthy environment
  • Our mission is to work towards mitigating air pollution, facilitate the sanitation of the environment and thereby help improve public health and the overall economic profile of Indian cities.

Our organization was set up to address the deficit of information and data among Indian citizens, regarding environmental and health degradation. We do this by disseminating information, data sharing and advocacy. We encourage citizens to be more involved in sustainable and accountable living.

APD has three key departments:

  • Awareness & Behaviour Change
  • Public Health & Research Strategies
  • Laws & Rights

To learn more about our organization or to participate in our efforts, please visit our website.

-Abdullah A Rehman (Founder, APDF)

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