Imagine if you could eat popular delicacies from different regions in India, sitting at home! What if you could enjoy all the favorite savouries from your native place once again? Well, Moipot helps you do that!

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All the way from the famous Sund Panjeeris of Jammu to Mysore Paks from Chennai, from Gujarat's Khakhras to Kolkata's Roshogollas, Moipot delivers everything you crave to eat directly to your doorstep in just a few clicks. Moipot is an e-Commerce marketplace for Indian sweets, snacks and accompaniments. We pick up delicacies from established brands and deliver them to you anywhere in India, in 2-5 days. We even host brands that are as old as the 18th century!

Crave it, get it.

Our platform lets you pick up your favorite nostalgic treats with zero hassles. Our customer service wing includes voice support, live chat support, and assistance on emails, SMS and WhatsApp. And our service speaks for itself in numbers; Nearly 80% of the people who subscribe to our communication, end up buying from us! We also like to keep our vendors happy. The master-chefs who prepare tasty treats for our customers, can register and start selling on MoiPot with a dedicated panel, within 24 hours! There is no need for them to setup infrastructure at their end to sell or track; we do it for them.

We are very strict on government-regulated compliance and take our responsibility as a food service provider very seriously. We have mandated quality checks at every stage to ensure that our customers receive the most freshly prepared treats. We don't want to engage in price wars, compromise on quality or go revenue-aggressive at the cost of customer satisfaction.

We believe that our focus on great food, timely deliveries, superb tracking & management and customer loyalty, will help us grow the brand exponentially, possibly even overseas in a couple of years!

-Krishna Shah (CEO, MoiPot)

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