We launched New Mumz Hub in January 2017, with the intention to guide new mothers and slay their fears about motherhood, to make it a truly memorable first year of parenting.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response that we received, we have expanded our horizon to cater to every issue related to motherhood, including self-care, healthcare, and the physical, emotional and holistic well-being of a mother.

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This is an extremely sensitive and unexplored space, because most mothers don’t know whom to approach and where to seek advice. We entered the segment with a fair amount of confidence and the promise of absolute confidentiality to our users. We're unique because we're not a clinical setup. Clinical settings usually intimidate new mothers, because they get the feeling that something is 'wrong' with them. That doesn't happen here. We focus instead, on providing a friendly advisory service where women can learn and appreciate the right methods of issue-resolution, and step into motherhood with confidence.

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We conduct workshops, group sessions and one-on-one consultations for mothers to drive education, encouragement and awareness. We also host unique 360° workshops on motherhood and parenting.

Our online/offline workshops include:

  • Mother-and-baby sessions
  • Mumz workshop
  • Mumz time with pre-teen daughter

-Dr. Hasini Yadav (Founder of New Mumz Hub and Mathrusakhi Foundation, Healthy Mother, Baby Educator, Wellness Expert, Motivational Speaker, Parental Advisor Writer)

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