I want to introduce a whole new take on packaged drinking water. Pure360 adopts a non-conventional strategy to compete with established players like Bisleri and Pepsi-Aquafina, to provide an affordable packaged water solution to discerning individuals.

Young person in ripped jeans drinking water on the patio
Photo by Samuel Yongbo Kwon / Unsplash

Instead of putting our efforts in extensive paid advertorials, we have focused on delivering the best possible quality standards. We are compliant to the standards set forth by authorities such as the BIS, ISI and FSSAI. In addition to meeting the bare-minimum standards for potable water filtration, we go the extra mile with robust quality control procedures within in-house laboratories.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc / Unsplash

We also aim to disrupt the packaged water market by venturing into packaged drinking water that gets delivered straight to your doorsteps. While I cannot personally urge you to switch your drinking water habits, I request you to give our bottled water a shot and try it for yourself before making an informed decision. Mostly, I want to leave you with the same thought that we have incorporated as our tagline.

Drink pure. Stay healthy.

-Shivanshu Rao (CEO, Pure360)

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