A quick history of International Beer Day

This annual festival was first celebrated in August, 2008. It is scheduled to take place on the first Friday of every August, chosen due to the fading summer theme, and making it equidistant from all other beer holidays. (Boy do we wish that was a real thing, beer holidays - right?)

Anyway, International Beer Day takes place annually, and is celebrated across more than 200 cities in the globe, including namma Bengaluru. (D.U.H.)

This year, International Beer Day is set to be celebrated on August 03, 2018 (For the benefit of real beer fans, that's tomorrow, y'all!)

Photo by Drew Farwell / Unsplash

International Beer Day at Drunkling Sizzlers & Pub, Koramangala

To commemorate the spirit of brewers and bartenders around town, Drunkling Sizzlers & Pub Koramangala is pleased to announce a never-before, nearly unbelievable offer that runs all through happy hours (11 AM to 6 PM) this Friday (August 03, 2018).

Here's the offer:

  • You can buy a mug of draught beer at ₹1
  • You get a 1+1 offer on the price (that's 2 beers at ₹1)
  • 16 Kegs, 750 Litres and 2,880 mugs of beer are at stake
  • You cannot place a bulk order. Only one beer served at a time, and the next one comes pouring down once you've gulped your active mug
  • Please wear smart casuals that will still look good once you're all drenched in beer!

And most importantly...

Carry exact change.


City Where? When? What? Why? How much?
Bangalore Drunkling Sizzlers & Pub, Koramangala 03 August 2018, 11 AM to 6 PM (Friday) International Beer Day Celebrations 1+1 on all beers Rs 1 per beer mug