3rd August 2018 (Friday) is International Beer Day.

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If you are an Indian beer lover, and live in a city that thrives on beer (well maybe 'thrives' is the wrong word, but if you live in Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata or Pune), it is IMPOSSIBLE to not know about International Beer Day.

Sorry Chennai. Whiskey, you know? Wink.

A bottle of beer with a lime slice on coarse sand by the sea
Photo by Jake Bradley / Unsplash

When is International Beer Day celebrated?

Interational beer day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August.

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Why is International Beer Day celebrated on the first Friday of August?

This date was selected because August is technically midway between all the prominent beer festivals, such as two consecutive October Fests. Also, August is kind of the perfect weather for beer enthusiasts, because it is right at the turn of the season. There is a subtle trace of the summer vibe, which becomes extra special with a flavor of the first hint of rainfall.

Who wouldn't want to sip a beer in that weather?

As my favorite man in the world, Bukowski once said..


"We are here to drink beer."

Note: He said this about life, in general. No biggie!

Why, where and when was International Beer Day conceived?

The festival began in Santa Cruz, California. International Beer Day was launched in August 2008 to celebrate the talent of microbrewers.

The festival quickly gained popularity among not just craft brewers, but also among bartenders and other 'beer technicians'. And as great word-of-mouth concepts go, the festival became a global trend among beer lovers pretty fast!

How many people celebrate International Beer Day?

Not to be modest or braggy about this, but the festival enjoys steep popularity among six continents, fifty countries and 207 cities!

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson / Unsplash

What is the RIGHT way to celebrate International Beer Day?

This section is reserved for my dear readers who have taken the pain to read this far! This is not just me saying it, but the original founding fathers of International Beer Day had declared three specific reasons for this festival, and I'm listing them below. Once again, having a beer while you read/share this article will help you in gathering some context. Wink Wink.

  • Objective 1: Get together with your beer-buddies and open a can/bottle together.
  • Objective 2: Celebrate the spirit of those who are responsible for crafting, brewing or serving your beer. Maybe raise a toast to that one bartender you can never forget?
  • Objective 3: This is an important objective. The founding beer fathers wanted to unite the whole world under the banner of beer by celebrating the tastiest beers from every nation.


So there you go. Here are some things (challenges?) that you can do to meet these objectives effectively. This is not a drill, it's a mission!

  • Try a new brand of beer, one that you've never had before.
  • Get a non-beer drinker to taste your favorite beer. Buy them a can!
  • Share this post & tag your favorite beer brand!
  • Do you think a particular brand of beer is more enjoyable than any other you've ever tasted? Find out who brewed that beer, and tell us in comments!
  • Tag your favorite beer buddy and share this post!
  • Tag your favorite bartender and share this post!