“India is going through trying, divisive times as never before. The singular aim (for #IWOULDSTANDBYTHIS) is to bring all of India together in the next two weeks to celebrate our great country's most celebrated treasure--the Jana Gana Mana”, says Shayan Italia - the artist behind a YouTube cover of the Indian National Anthem, which has hit 35 million views - nearly the 50% mark for its original target of 71 million views to commemorate India's 71 years of independence.

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The music video was shot in 8K Ultra HD, a first for new musicians on YouTube. Farhad Vijay Arora is responsible for principal photography, and the video crossed more than 5 million views in less than 24 hours of its original launch.

"I Would Stand For This"

"#IWOULDSTANDFORTHIS" stands to serve as a powerful testimony to the power of the common Indian, in the words of Shayan Italia. His rendition of Tagore's classic has managed to succeed on the internet without the aided help of advertisements, political support, celebrity endorsements, or even traditional social media campaigns that have become commonplace today.

Note: Shayan Italia was born in Hyderabad, and stays in Mumbai. He is a pianist, songwriter, and an entrepreneur, who has dedicated this project to his mother, who succumbed to cancer when he was just a child.