Are you an online shopper? Yes?

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Picture this.

It is salary week. Yesterday was pay-day, and the moment you got your 'salary credited' message, you proceeded to checkout your Myntra cart, with that fascinating new jacket and those undeniably phenomenal pair of sneakers!

And right now, you have exited the elevator, walked up to your door, opened the key and voila! The parcel has been delivered and is just ready for you to pry open, and you're already preparing yourself for that fresh new leather smell, and the way those sneakers will feel on your feet.


Except, you've got one little problem nagging away at your head.

What starts bothering you soon, is that you saw a kid on the street yesterday too. Right when you were picturing yourself wearing that same jacket, this kid wore a dirty, old, torn shirt. He was trying to make a toy out of what appeared to be potentially hazardous plastic waste!

You already knew well, almost too well that this kid was unlikely to ever experience the kind of 'win' you were planning with your online purchase. And yes, you felt bad, but here's what you did. You maybe threw him a second glance (or not), and then looked the other way. Because you, like so many other Indians, have started to believe that this 'problem' is much bigger than what you alone can solve. And although people keep saying things like 'Every step matters', you don't even know where to start.

So you ignored that kid, and placed your order anyway. Your cab moved ahead, and you forgot all about it. It's all coming back now, as you prepare to don that jacket. And that dagger just keeps moving slowly inside your conscience till it reaches your heart and you can't live with yourself.

Online shopping. Man, it never works, right?

All of this has been your standard-issue guilt trip up until this very moment, but what if we were to tell you that you can now wear that jacket you bought, look at the mirror, remember that kid on the street and feel better at the same time?.

There are no magic tricks or anti-depression pills up our sleeves here. We will urge, however, that you install Sumara, a chrome extension that makes sure that somewhere in this world, an underprivileged kid gets access to exactly what they need that day, based on what you buy on your computer. Sounds like magic, yes, but it's very real. And all of this happens at no extra effort or cost to you!

Sumara google chrome extension Myntra Amazon Flipkart shopping

Introducing Sumara

The idea behind Sumara is to encourage more Indians to donate. Even with the number of petitioning websites and crowdfunding campaigns on the rise, Indians (especially in Metros) don't donate as much as they should. So the Sumara team came together and piggyback on online shopping behavior to push Indians to donate every time they shop.

Sumara was created and launched by the husband-wife duo of Nikhil Bansal and Ayushi Sinha. Nikhil has previously co-founded Parcelled (a logistics company that which was listed by Forbes as one of the fastest growing companies in 2016). Prior to founding Parcelled, Nikhil used to work at Flipkart.

Ayushi Sinha is also the co-founder of Helpingo, a collaboration platform for colleges. Prior to launching Sumara, Ayushi was an employee at Myntra.

"We Indians don't donate as much as we should. A platform like Sumara can really help us all do our own bit of contribution" - Ayushi Sinha

What is Sumara?

Sumara is a Google chrome extension, that allows users to automatically make free donations whenever they shop online on e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong or Shopclues. This happens at no additional cost to the user. All you need to do, is to get the extension.

How do these donations work?

Once a user installs the Sumara extension, and visits an e-commerce website of their choice, they get to see the exact amount that will get donated when he/she decides to buy a particular product.

As soon as the order gets placed, the extension tells the user exactly where this money went. This is a form of instant gratification, only here, the gratification happens for someone who really needs it, and you get to feel a little better about the things you buy online!


That’s right! The Sumara extension allows you to automatically pledge a portion of your net cart value to a charity that is handpicked by the ground team in Bangalore.

The amount of charitable donation is proportionate directly to how much you spend online in a specific transaction or session.

This means, the next time you buy a Gucci handbag with ultra-fast delivery and the Sumara extension, someone who needs shoes, gets a pair, at no extra cost to you.

The beauty of this arrangement is vetted by the partner eCommerce websites such as Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart, who pass commission to Sumara for promoting their deals and products on Sumara's platform.

Sumara google chrome extension Myntra Amazon Flipkart shopping

So what are you waiting for? Go out there, find that clutch/accessory/jacket that you were planning on buying for ages, and proceed to checkout. And while you're at it, save the world! One transaction at a time, of course.

Photo by Tom Parsons / Unsplash