Food connects us all.

Bangalore, August 17, 2018: Plattershare, a fresh social network for food bloggers is making waves in the city and around the country! We already have our share of personal social networking on Facebook and Instagram, professional networking on LinkedIn and content networking on, but so far the internet has lacked a dedicated space for foodies, chefs, food brands, food bloggers and other food-industry professionals to connect and share their passion for food.

All that, is set to change with Plattershare.

Plattershare is that one social media platform, which provides a unified interface to connect food brands with food lovers and food bloggers, and allows them to collaborate with potential customers in real time.


The founding team at Plattershare

Plattershare is spearheaded by Ankush Dhiman, and Kirti Yadav, who started this venture based on their love for food. They wanted to create a one-stop-shop where they could connect with other like-minded foodies.

Today, Plattershare boasts of a healthy network of over 20,000 registered users and 90,000 unique visitors, making it a lucrative digital destination for foodies to come together and collaborate in every way imaginable, to celebrate their love for food.

The platform aims to recognize and reward exceptional content creators by tying up with relevant food brands that are open to the idea of creating a niche online presence for their loyalists.

So, it doesn't matter if you are searching for a unique "zero-oil butter chicken recipe", evaluating the pros and cons of the latest keto diet, or considering a switch to vegan lifestyle. Brown rice enthusiasts, red rice fanatics and white rice worshippers finally have a common ground to dig into. Whatever be your question, you are likely to find the answer you need, on Plattershare.

Note: Food bloggers who wish to connect with partner brands such as Big Basket, Cookify, Licious, Apis Himalayan Honey and collaborate on multiple campaigns, participate in product reviews, contribute to cookery shows, host live shows and recipe contests, are encouraged to sign up at Plattershare today!

Plattershare food blogging network Kirti Yadav
Photo by Brooke Lark / Unsplash