Bulletin, India, August 28, 2018
Source: Russell Brandom, The Verge [1]; Olean Times Herald [2]

On August 24th 2018, Google Trends revealed that search interest for 'Paul Ceglia' had spiked to a perfect 100. That happened in just one day.

To be honest, the man kind of deserves the attention.

Paul Ceglia first came under the public spotlight in 2010, when he claimed to own 84% of Facebook.

The cases kept doing court rounds, and Paul's lawyers kept dropping him on account of falsifying documents. Paul's next big claim to fame happened when he broke out of house arrest in March, 2015.

And finally, on August 23rd, 2018, after almost two years of radio silence, Paul was arreseted in Ecuador.

Reports suggest that Paul Ceglia hired Mark Zuckerberg to work on his website StreetFax.com in 2003. As per Paul's claim, he made an investment in Zuckerberg’s project at that time, called “The Face Book”. Later, Zuckerberg dismissed the claim, stating that his contract with Paul Ceglia was strictly restricted to StreetFax.

The lowdown on Paul Ceglia - The man who once claimed to own 84% of Facebook, just got arrested

In his last publicized statement from 2016, Paul wrote to Bloomberg News Service mentioning that he felt alone and vulnerable.

“I felt (like) I had no one in (the) government (whom) I could trust. An opportunity presented itself, so I MacGyver’d some things together and started running for my life.” - Paul Ceglia, 2016

The lowdown on Paul Ceglia - The man who once claimed to own 84% of Facebook, just got arrested

Questions still exist about his claims, but we must credit him with an escape of epic proportions. Paul broke his GPS ankle bracelet and connected it with a homemade contraption, which led authorities to believe that he was still moving around inside his own house. He further perfected the device by attaching a timer to the bracelet's charger, in order to generate time-bound reports of him being present inside the house, when he was fleeing in reality, and it convinced his captors that the device was plugged in.

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The task force officers were able to spot the anomaly and figure out that 'something was wrong', only after a part of the device got disconnected, and by that time, Paul was already halfway around the world.

Paul's fate remains to be seen, but it is safe to say that his claim to worldwide attention has, to an extent, been fulfilled.

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