The world's most valuable privately held company, has just made two very important announcements, that signal the preparations for a glorious IPO in 2019.

Uber 2019 IPO Present day valuation

Valued at a staggering $62 Billion, Uber is on the radar for many investors as the company begins steering its investment strategy towards a possible IPO in 2019. This new direction has been marked with both striking achievements and dangerous pitfalls, such as the fiasco with former CEO and founder Travis Kalanick. However, the ride-hailing tech platform seems to be done with its woe-days. Last week, it made two very important announcements, both business and consumer facing in nature, that act as subtle indicators for Uber's inclination towards an IPO as early as next year.

Uber has hired its first CMO, Rebecca Messina.

Uber hired its first CMO, Rebecca Messina - Uber 2019 IPO Preparation

Prior to Rebecca Messina, there has never been a Chief Marketing Officer at Uber. The global giant has so far operated with a federation of distributed marketing teams around the world. The Uber leadership is confident, that Rebecca will be able to consolidate and optimize the efforts of its international marketing teams, in order to deliver a consistent brand experience to users everywhere.


Uber and Uber Eats New Logo Fifth Logo in Nine Years

Uber has also adopted a very simple logo, at least the fifth in its nine-year journey. The kind of rebranding that has gone into the new Uber logo, is indicative of two things:

  1. They want their brand recall to be as straightforward as possible. The new logo does not play with icons, atoms, or animated lines, as seen in prior variations.
  2. They are trying to come up with a fresh, global identity for a firm whose reputation has previously seen murky waters.

While investment strategists have begun speculating with some amount of confidence that this is Uber's first official step towards going public, what happens in the months leading up to an IPO, will be monitored closely.