Bulletin, Shanghai, September 21, 2018

Google organized its first 'Demo Day Asia' programme in Shanghai on Thursday, where a Bengaluru-based startup called SigTuple won the 'Judges' Choice' award for their innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) to support the healthcare ecosystem in India.

Bengaluru-based Sigtuple wins the Judges' Choice award at Google Demo Day Asia

SigTuple is in the business of automating healthcare screenings using AI. They won the award for an in-house proprietary AI platform called Manthana, which helps in the efficient analysis of visual medical data.

Manthana allows the SigTuple team to work on five high-volume screening processes, namely:

  • The analysis of peripheral blood smears
  • Urine microscopy
  • Semen & fundus analysis
  • OCT (optical coherence tomography) scans
  • Chest X-rays

How 'Manthana' works for Sigtuple

SigTuple was founded by Apurv Anand and Rohit Pandey in 2015. They have been working tirelessly to develop an efficient AI-based solutions to ease and assist the ailing healthcare system in India. They entered the Demo Day Asia contest six months back, and were among the top 10 startups that were shortlisted from hundreds of applicants.

Last week, Google invited the SigTuple team to present their findings on a stage to a panel of 'Demo Day' judges, and in front of an audience of leading global investors, which finally led to the award.

"It's really wonderful to be recognised at the first Google Demo Day Asia! This one is all for our team back home. This award is dedicated to the entire SigTuple family. SigTuple is what it is today because all of us aspired to make a huge social impact." - Apurv Anand (Co-founder, SigTuple)