Three things you need to know if you are at risk:

  • All Facebook users who have been affected by this hack, will need to change their passwords
  • Facebook will forcefully log out all users who have been affected
  • Once they manually log back in, they will see a message from Facebook, asking them to change their passwords

In what appears to be one of the biggest consumer tech hacks of the decade, nearly 50 million Facebook accounts have been attacked.


Menlo Park (Facebook HQ) confirmed the news of the attack on Friday, revealing that up to 50 million accounts were affected. Although the company refrained from using the word 'hacked', presumably in an attempt to avoid mass paranoia and media speculation, it has now become apparent that the Facebook feature called 'View As' had been subjected to an attack, which resulted in a security loophole, putting more than 90 million accounts at risk, of which 50 million may already have been hacked.

There is a chance that your Facebook account is affected, too.

If this is the case, log in to Facebook right now. Try opening Facebook in a new browser window/tab. If Facebook asks you to log back in and you don't remember logging out at all, it is likely that you will receive a notification asking you to manually log back in and change your password immediately. Do this on priority, as the top leadership at the social networking giant's headquarters are taking this threat very seriously.

The team at Facebook has confirmed that they are taking precautionary measures such as resetting the 'authentication token' of all 90 million affected accounts.

In other news, a hacker identifying themselves as Chang Chi-yuan has threatened to delete Mark Zuckerberg's official Facebook page by Sunday and 'live-stream' the act[1].

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