Not many people thought that there could be a point of convergence between Quora, Github and StackOverflow.

Hashnode, a Bengaluru-based tech startup, defines itself as a 'friendly and inclusive community for software developers'. A quick look at the various modes of engagement on their platform ( reveals that the company is encouraging software professionals to interact responsibly on an array of subjects ranging from actual coding queries, tutorials, career-related questions, opinions, and more.

The company, founded by Syed Fazle Rahman (its current CEO), has outlined its broad goal as the availability of peer knowledge about new skill sets, professional networking and domain relevancy.

Hashnode - The Quora for developers

An evolved version of Quora for coding enthusiasts?

A deeper look into the ongoing dialogue within 'The Dev Community' at Hashnode tells us that the evolved computing community finally has a singular destination to post their queries and receive unbiased responses within a short time frame. A sample query on Hashnode looks like this:

Hashnode - The Quora for developers

Other conversation topics on the community include queries such as 'What's the best laptop for a programmer in 2018?', 'How to prepare for an interview to a senior technical architect role?', etc - confirming the notion that Indian programmers are finally happy to have a dedicated platform where their community knowledge needs can be met satisfactorily.

About Hashnode

Hashnode is backed by Accel Partners, and the team operates out of offices based in Delaware (USA) and Koramangala, Bengaluru (India).

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Photo by Dean Pugh / for The Times Blog, courtesy Unsplash