2019 comes on the heels of unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. People around the world are mobilizing for a future that is more equal.
Today, we bring forth a story of 3 strong, independent and fearless women who chased their dreams, and are living fearlessly, on their own terms and continue to do so!
Shaka, Sipika and Seema are three sisters displaced from their homeland, weaving a dream extremely close to their hearts. Taking unique life experiences,
tackling life’s hardships, they came together to bring life to their beautiful dream
that has been their passion for life. What went into turning this beautiful dream
into reality? Massive brainstorming sessions together, a lot of research and even lot more cups of hot, freshly brewed coffee!

After two years of extensive market research into every aspect and minute
attention to every detail, the go-getter sisters decided to pay a minuscule
homage to women across the globe, who work tirelessly to maintain a symmetry
in their personal and professional lives.
Being independent, hard-working women themselves, the three sisters understood how arduous it was to organize the daily essentials needed to go through the day and SHAKA was born!
SHAKA is their first endeavor towards alleviating and simplifying a woman’s life.
The ergonomically designed, luxurious solutions with systematic interiors and
Supremely stylish and sophisticated exteriors were designed and manufactured
with high quality raw materials and best in class craftsmanship.
The need to create a solution for simplification arose from within. For
instance, being a hands-on mom herself, the eldest sister Shaka came up with the
idea to launch “Shaka for work”, a line of bags that effortlessly occupies tiniest of essentials in an extremely organized manner so one doesn’t have to forget important things behind.
All bags of SHAKA are specifically designed keeping young, independent women in mind. Similarly, Sipika being an independent, working professional understood completely, the needs and requirements of a working woman, and the essential work-life balance and the line “SHAKA for play” was born.
Who’d understand the needs of women better that women themselves?!

SHAKA is Shaka, Sipika and Seema’s earnest attempt at making the lives of
women easier in a stylish manner and well, looking that their collection we can’t help but gasp, WOW!
It only brings us immense pleasure and happiness as we see women supporting and uplifting each other, trying to simplify the lives of each other, and taking care of each other’s needs. Here’s to hundreds of strong and independent Shakas, Sipikas and Seemas who decided to seize the moment, celebrated themselves and others like their own, took action and transformed lives. You inspire us!Shaka-bags.-16th-sept-20180710