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Social Change-Makers: Learn How This Blogger Is Ushering In A New Era Of Postmodern Millennialism On The Internet
Mahevash Shaikh belongs to a rare breed of millennials who have taken their role in the postmodern world of the internet, very, very, seriously. While there is no doubt that she is operating ahead of her time, we are here to discuss her efforts and applaud her spirit.
You Too, Bro? (Pun Intended, Editor's Special on India's #MeToo)
Open Letter
This is why I refuse to accept Tanmay's logic of 'I should've been stronger' on Twitter.
How to create digital-only awareness for your new tech startup? (Editor's Special)
Are you trying to generate awareness about your tech product in the digital ecosystem? Refer to this guide to get started.
Are you in the right workplace? Presenting the great Indian professionalism paradox
We are discussing (almost) everything that is wrong with Indian organizations, including sexual harassment, lack of differential identity and more.
Startup lessons from the Mahatma - What Indian startups can learn from Gandhi
On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, The Times Blog is pleased to present some Gandhian lessons that the Indian startup ecosystem can benefit from.
An evolved community after Quora - Say hello to Hashnode!
Hashnode is a fast-emerging, evolved community of computer programming professionals that is taking the community world by storm.
OnePlus plans on entering the TV market in style; CEO Pete Lau will head the new division
OnePlus CEO Pete Lau will be the head of a new division, focusing on the manufacturing and distribution of smart TVs.
Meet Ajit Mohan, the new MD & Vice President of Facebook India
Presently serving as the CEO of Hotstar India, Ajit Mohan is expected to join the Facebook team early next year (2019)
Embassy Group to launch India's first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in partnership with Blackstone
India is all set for its first-ever REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), thanks to Embassy Office Parks, a joint venture between Embassy Group and Blackstone Group.
Bengaluru-based SigTuple wins the Judges' Choice award at Google Demo Day Asia
Google organized its first 'Demo Day Asia' programme in Shanghai on Thursday, where a Bengaluru-based startup called SigTuple won the 'Judges' Choice' award for their innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) to support the healthcare ecosystem in India.
Content sharing platform ShareChat raises a fresh $100 million in funding, raises valuation to $460 million
With $100 million (nearly Rs 720 crores) in fresh funding, ShareChat has become the new social content unicorn.
This is how Flipkart employees will get rich after the Walmart deal
Under the terms of the acquisiton deal, Walmart must buy back 6,242,271 shares from Flipkartā€™s total ESOP pool of 11,947,026 units, amounting to a total of $800 million.
Uber's 2019 IPO preparations begin with a new logo and a new CMO
Uber prepares for a 2019 IPO with its first CMO Rebecca Messina, and a brand new logo - Published on The Times Blog
This is how online shopping is going to save the world!
Sumara Extension
Sumara is a Google chrome extension that automatically makes donations on your behalf, every time you shop on Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.