Creative Mythology & The Opiate Crisis.
I did volunteer work at a local homeless shelter. Many of the people who are homeless suffer from an addiction disorder. One of the people I got to know and befriend there, Steve,
AR/VR Tool to Treat Substance Abuse Still Not Taking Off
 People with a substance abuse problem find it hard to get out of the dangerous cycle of abstinence and relapse. There are many different therapies available through treatment centers, including medication-assisted
Writing Flash Fiction:Tips on how to write short stories with lasting impact
So you are stuck on one of the chapters of your draft. You don’t know how to go about developing your protagonist. Or maybe, you want to introduce another character that will
Weddings made beautiful & memorable - Amaara Decor
Wedding Planners
Wedding is a bond that is celebrated throughout life, and today, we have an interview with a duo that makes your weddings truly special, beautiful and unforgettable! We got in touch with Mansi
Kundan, Polki and Jadau jewelry- uncovered!
Kundan Jewelry, Polki and Meenakari jewelry, as fascinating and beautiful they are, is also a genre of art that is historic, underrated and misunderstood. Irrespective of various changes in trends and lifestyle, Kundan
Meet Kriti Sharma: CEO of LईLA, a one of a kind decor portal
A combination of brave new style and the priceless traditions of India, LईLA aims to decorate homes of tomorrow, helping them also keep a little piece of yesterday. From all around India and
Why is ‘OYO LIFE’ Eager To Dominate The Co-Living Market In India?
The best quality, affordable accommodation is still a major challenge for migrant students and professionals, and ‘Oyo Life‘ – the concern of Oyo flahship wants to cash in on that trend in India. One
"We're creating a timeline of campaigns", says Vedaxari Joshi of ABC
With more than 40,000 subscribers and 2.3 million views till date, Chetna Vasishth of ChetChat is riding the YouTube high. An XLRI Jamshedpur alumnus, she has setup a channel that defies
Simple loans for simple people - PaySense makes it possible!
Get up to ₹2 Lakhs in a matter of minutes without moneylenders! Use the PaySense app to apply and get a loan of up to Rs 2 Lakhs in less than 24 hours. Completely paperless, completely online.
"Innovate, Because People Have A Tendency To Get Bored", says Atul Pratap Singh of V Spark Communications
Atul Pratap Singh is the founder & one of the directors at V Spark Communications, an integrated brand servicing agency based out of New Delhi. This is an exclusive interview with The Times Blog.
How to become a stand-up comedian in Bangalore? (2019 Guide)
Stand Up Comedy
Stand Up Comedy in Bangalore - Learn how to find and perform at the best comedy clubs and shows in Bangalore next to the top comedians in Bangalore
माही नहीं मारेगा!
'इन दि एयर, श्रीशांत टेक्स इट. इंडिया वीन्स' जब भी यह वाक्य सुनता हूँ, आज भी रोमांचीत हो