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हंगामा इसलिए है बरपा - #MeToo India Special
पिछले कुछ दिन भारतीय ट्वीटर के लिये नवसंजीवनी प्रदान करने वाला रहे हैं । जो ट्वीटर ज्यादातर राजनीती के ट्रेंड्स से भरा रहता है, जहां लूटियन दिल्ली की ही आवाज गूंजती है, उस ट्विटर पर भारतीय महीलाओं ने कहर ढाया।
How to create digital-only awareness for your new tech startup? (Editor's Special)
Are you trying to generate awareness about your tech product in the digital ecosystem? Refer to this guide to get started.
Are you in the right workplace? Presenting the great Indian professionalism paradox
We are discussing (almost) everything that is wrong with Indian organizations, including sexual harassment, lack of differential identity and more.
Startup lessons from the Mahatma - What Indian startups can learn from Gandhi
On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, The Times Blog is pleased to present some Gandhian lessons that the Indian startup ecosystem can benefit from.
OYO raises a billion dollars with a $4 billion pre-money valuation
OYORooms, led by Ritesh Agarwal, has raised a fresh round of funding ($1 billion) from SoftBank, Accel and others.
An evolved community after Quora - Say hello to Hashnode!
Hashnode is a fast-emerging, evolved community of computer programming professionals that is taking the community world by storm.
OnePlus plans on entering the TV market in style; CEO Pete Lau will head the new division
OnePlus CEO Pete Lau will be the head of a new division, focusing on the manufacturing and distribution of smart TVs.
Sad day for cryptocurrency in India; Zebpay founders shut the exchange to meet RBI guidelines
Zebpay CEO & Co-founder Sandeep Goenka has asserted that the Zebpay wallet will continue to remain functional.
Fifty million Facebook accounts have been attacked - Here's what you need to know and do!
Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook) has acknowledged that up to 50 million Facebook accounts may have been attacked and compromised.
WhatsApp to show ads on iPhone by 2019
The Facebook-owned messaging app has revealed its intentions to show display advertising for iOS users.
Legacy Global Projects stands out in Bangalore as a chosen name for luxury real estate investments
Legacy Global Projects, based out of Bangalore, has been in the business of delivering high-end luxury residential properties since 2006.
With 2 million views for the Sacred Games Season 2 announcement, NetFlix declares itself the god of consumer entertainment
First things first. NetFlix has just announced the next season of Sacred Games. And no, they have not announced a launch date. They have not said the words "coming soon" out
Meet Ajit Mohan, the new MD & Vice President of Facebook India
Presently serving as the CEO of Hotstar India, Ajit Mohan is expected to join the Facebook team early next year (2019)
Embassy Group to launch India's first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in partnership with Blackstone
India is all set for its first-ever REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), thanks to Embassy Office Parks, a joint venture between Embassy Group and Blackstone Group.