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Top 5 Tips to Consider When Writing Children's Fiction
Most people think that writing a children’s book is way easier compared to adult literature. This is actually not true. As a matter of fact, writing about fentanyl side effects may be easier than writing a readable children’s book.
Birla Open Minds International School brings Ms Shubrita Chaturvedi at the helm of its new institute
Birla Edutech Ltd has appointed Ms Shubrita Chaturvedi as the principal of its new institute, the Birla Open Minds International School.
The IAN (Indian Angel Network) extends a special invitation to entrepreneurs from Babson College
The IAN has announced a global contest to fund innovative startups by entrepreneurs who have been associated with Babson College, USA.
Get, Set, MICAT!
MICA Ahmedabad invites applications for  PDGM-C 2019-21 Batch
MICA Ahmedabad
MICA Ahmedabad, the school of ideas, is ready to welcome its 2019-21 PGDM-C batch via MICAT 2019 - Published on The Times Blog
On the future of education, hiring interns, and building EduGorilla - Rohit Manglik goes candid
Rohit Manglik studied at NIT Karnataka and worked for organizations such as Oracle, Morgan Stanley and DE Shaw before launching his own venture, EduGorilla.
Redefining The Classroom - From "Educating" To Being "Educated"
Macmillan India
Traditionally the term ‘education’ has implied knowledge acquisition. An ‘educated person’ was expected to espouse information pertaining to the sciences, arts and philosophies. Little was dwelt upon the skills and values for global citizenship and humane coexistence.
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Proud to be mediocre in the CBSE interface!
It was May 26, 2018. Like every other 12th grader, I was glued to my laptop, hitting refresh on my browser every 30 seconds. Why? To get ahold of my CBSE results, of course.
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Narayana Academy Student Bhogi Suraj Krishna Bags AIR 1 in JEE Mains 2018, Says He "Gave Up Cricket" To Follow This Dream
Vijaywada's Local boy Bhogi Suraj Krishna has emerged as the JEE 2018 Mains Topper. The coaching validation & rating agency StandYou has confirmed that BSK received his training at Narayana Academy.
Beyond NCERT: Macmillan India Unveils Ideal Textbook Companions
Macmillan India
Macmillan Education, a pioneer in supplementary academia for Indian students, has recently unveiled an entirely new collection of workbooks as companions to the prescribed collateral by NCERT.
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Manipal University Jaipur gets listed among the 'cleanest' universities in India, OP Jindal grabs the top spot
Manipal University Jaipur has secured the second rank in Swachhta Rankings 2017 (for Higher Educational Institutions)
Coca-Cola NDTV "Support My School" Programme Makes Way For "The Power Of Partnerships"
Coca Cola
A 2017 survey called the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), shows that more than half of the students in fifth grade are unable to read a second grade text book. This problem can be traced back to the alarmingly low number of children attending school in rural areas.