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Is Work Driving you to Drink?
Just as it has been in recent years, the level of job anxiety is on the rise as a lot of people are working tirelessly in two to three jobs to make ends meet. Even many workers who have a single job are working double time.
Social Change-Makers: Learn How This Blogger Is Ushering In A New Era Of Postmodern Millennialism On The Internet
Mahevash Shaikh belongs to a rare breed of millennials who have taken their role in the postmodern world of the internet, very, very, seriously. While there is no doubt that she is operating ahead of her time, we are here to discuss her efforts and applaud her spirit.
Weddings made beautiful & memorable - Amaara Decor
Wedding Planners
Wedding is a bond that is celebrated throughout life, and today, we have an interview with a duo that makes your weddings truly special, beautiful and unforgettable! We got in touch with Mansi
Kundan, Polki and Jadau jewelry- uncovered!
Kundan Jewelry, Polki and Meenakari jewelry, as fascinating and beautiful they are, is also a genre of art that is historic, underrated and misunderstood. Irrespective of various changes in trends and lifestyle, Kundan
Meet these 3 sisters who are all set to have your back with their bags!
2019 comes on the heels of unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. People around the world are mobilizing for a future that is more equal. Today, we bring forth
Meet Kriti Sharma: CEO of LईLA, a one of a kind decor portal
A combination of brave new style and the priceless traditions of India, LईLA aims to decorate homes of tomorrow, helping them also keep a little piece of yesterday. From all around India and
हंगामा इसलिए है बरपा - #MeToo India Special
पिछले कुछ दिन भारतीय ट्वीटर के लिये नवसंजीवनी प्रदान करने वाला रहे हैं । जो ट्वीटर ज्यादातर राजनीती के ट्रेंड्स से भरा रहता है, जहां लूटियन दिल्ली की ही आवाज गूंजती है, उस ट्विटर पर भारतीय महीलाओं ने कहर ढाया।
Are you in the right workplace? Presenting the great Indian professionalism paradox
We are discussing (almost) everything that is wrong with Indian organizations, including sexual harassment, lack of differential identity and more.
OYO raises a billion dollars with a $4 billion pre-money valuation
OYORooms, led by Ritesh Agarwal, has raised a fresh round of funding ($1 billion) from SoftBank, Accel and others.
Legacy Global Projects stands out in Bangalore as a chosen name for luxury real estate investments
Legacy Global Projects, based out of Bangalore, has been in the business of delivering high-end luxury residential properties since 2006.
Maggi-maker Nestle signs up to collect consumer DNA
Nestle, the parent company behind Maggi noodles, is gearing up to provide personalized nutrition assistance via a program that collects DNA samples from consumers and prepares healthy supplement-snacks to boost immunity, longevity and metabolism.
Oh, Mama! A fresh outlook on public breastfeeding from Indian mothers
Public Breastfeeding
Public breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding get a whole new perspective under these remarkable photo-stories from Out Of Focus Pictures - Published on The Times Blog.
6 min read
The Iron Throne, Made In India - Will Indian GOT Fans travel to Srinagar for a taste of Winterfell?
Game Of Thrones
Winterfell Cafe in Srinagar (Kashmir) sports a true replica of the famed Iron Throne from the Game Of Thrones Fandom - Published on The Times Blog
Plattershare co-founder Kirti Yadav says "Food connects us all!"
Plattershare, a fresh social network for food bloggers is making waves in the city and around the country!