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You are what you eat, says Umang Agarwal
Umang World
Umang Agarwal is a well-known health and lifestyle expert and an established nutritionist, who has been active in the space of creating highly effective and customized diet plans for her clients.
There's nothing better than mutual harmony, says Aayushi Chiripal of LMNO
Aayushi Chiripal is the founder and CEO of LMNO (Life Means New Options), a relatively new and fresh face in the urban clothing space.
This Season's Strongest Indie Statement Is "A Long Night, Full Of Nightmares" #SweetDreams
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams by Tan Daze is a one-of-its-kind thriller music video, that aims to throw light on issues plaguing the current Indian social order, such as child prostitution.
How Sunil Hiranandani & Sirf Coffee have upped the blind date game
Sirf Coffee
Sunil Hiranandani is the founder of 'Sirf Coffee', an exclusive, discreet and pressure-free dating service for Indians around the world.
Incredible Transformations: Losing 40 kgs in 9 months
Snap Fitness Koramangala
Tapas Agarwal weighed 108 kgs when he joined us at Snap Fitness Koramangala. He lost 40 kgs in a span of 9 months.
Parenting is a 'forever' process, says Supermom Mitali Jakatdar
Supermom Mitali
SuperMOM Mitali was once a YouTube experiment, and has now evolved into a full-fledged tech-supported community for parents who wish to be equally involved in their child's holistic development.
"You Can Buy Zara, But How Do You Maintain A Dress Like That In India?" Asks Pressto India Chief Esther Lennaerts
Esther Lennaerts is the founder and executive director of Pressto, a unique service that provides premium drycleaning and "cobbler" services to discerning customers.
"Yanni Pushed Me To Think Like A Composer", Says Tanushree Saha
Sweet Dreams
Tanushree Saha is an acclaimed vocalist, a theatre performer, an independent composer, a stellar designer-strategist, and an ultra-popular musician & performing artist based out of Bangalore, India.
"No Big Secret To Being Successful", says  Wedding Maestro Liesel Duarte
Knotted Up
Liesel Duarte is the Founder and Creative Director of "Knotted Up", a wedding services provider. This is an exclusive interview with The Times Blog.
"I Want A Device That Stops Me From Making Bad Decisions", says Dwiti Bhuwalka of Pretios
Dwiti Bhuwalka is the creative force behind the jewelry brand Pretios. This is an exclusive interview between Dwiti and The Times Blog.
Madhu Raghavendra Is Bringing Poetry "From Margins To Mainstream" Through Poetry Couture
Poetry Couture
Madhu Raghavendra, poet and founder of Poetry Couture, has contributed tremendously to the growing Open Mic Poetry culture in India.
A Hotel Helpdesk At Your Fingertips - XOXODay is Changing The Way Travelers Stay
XOXODay, the Mahindra-backed leader in personalized travel-tech, has come up with the ultimate solution to hotel bookings: A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Digitized Travel Desk for travelers.
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Curly Tales To Host Mumbai's Biggest Pani Puri Festival This Weekend!
Curly Tales
Curly Tales, a hyperlocal Indian travel, lifestyle and food discovery platform, is playing host to Mumbai's Biggest Pani Puri Festival this weekend, at R-City Mall, Ghatkopar.
Tinder Leadership Mocks Facebook's Dating App Announcement, Says "It Could Be Great For US-Russia Relations"
Facebook is all set to launch a dating app in direct competition with Tinder, the largest market player in the segment. Facebook will soon offer a Tinder-ish Swipe right/swipe left mechanism to browse profiles and say 'Yes/No' as an anonymous response, based on profile photographs and first names.
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