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The six commandments of a hill commander - Trippy tales from Manali (Episode 02)
Nidhi Sharma (owner of Cafe Trippy Travelette) opens up about the next chapter of her entrepreneurial journey in the hills, on The Times Blog
Forget my bucket list, where's the bucket? - Trippy tales from Manali
Trippy Tales
Nidhi Sharma is the owner and proprietor of Cafe Trippy Travelette in Manali, and the embodiment of a postmodern, irreverent woman entrepreneur who writes her own column on The Times Blog.
Proud to be mediocre in the CBSE interface!
It was May 26, 2018. Like every other 12th grader, I was glued to my laptop, hitting refresh on my browser every 30 seconds. Why? To get ahold of my CBSE results, of course.
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"19 Till I Die" by Anjali Kirpalani is Breezy, Nostalgic & Beautifully Crafted
19 Till I Die
With the bestselling novels Never Say Never and Written in the Stars behind her, 19 Till I Die is Anjali Kirpalani's tribute to her own salad days.
Because I've Always Known A Magician Called "Mother"
I have never known a mother who has been either completely selfish, or absolutely selfless. All my life, I have come across conscious mothers, who have a deep understanding of the "long-term" goals and aspirations of their children.
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Is India Ready For The Pre-Marital "Sexperience" That OYORooms & StayUncle Are Poised To Deliver?
OYO Rooms
Indian millennials & Hotel revenue streams have a more open-ended relationship than ever before. But is India ready to be an adult about it? Mani Singh Opines on The Times Blog.
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The Cutest Thing Ever To Break The Internet - Here's All You Need To Know About The Baby Olympics Coming Up At Bahrain.
The Baby Olympics
This is adorable! 2 to 4 year old babies will be competing in an international Olympic event at Bahrain, to promote international sporting spirit.
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Congratulations, Donald Trump - On Being Named The World's Number One Oppressor Of Press Freedom!
Donald Trump
A journalism group named the president among repressive leaders who "have gone out of their way to attack the press" and undermine free speech.
Udita Pal Is TheTimesBlog® Blogger Of The Year!
Blogger Of The Year
We are proud to hand over the mantle to the young and dynamic Udita Pal, as TheTimesBlog® Blogger Of The Year!